5 Tips to Increase Your Blog Subscribers


Driving traffic to your blog is always a top priority, but how do you convert those visitors to loyal readers who are so interested in your blog that they choose to subscribe to it? Let’s face it: if a blog’s content appears in a person’s feed reader daily, then that person is highly likely to click through and visit that blog to read more. Every blogger wants to see the number of subscribers to their blog grow. Follow these five simple tips to increase the number of RSS subscribers to your blog’s feed.

5 Tips to Increase Your Blog Subscribers

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Dmitri Otis/Stone/Getty Images

1. Write Great Content

No one will want to return to your blog if your content is updated sporadically or has nothing original to say. Keep your blog’s content fresh and establish a tone for it, then stick to it. Readers want to feel connected to you. Blogging is a two-way conversation, so inject some personality into your content, provide valuable and meaningful content, and develop a conversation with your readers. A blog that can achieve those goals will find loyal readers likely to subscribe to that blog’s feed.
2. Make It Easy to Subscribe

You’ve got great content, and now you need to make it easy for readers to subscribe to your blog’s feed as easy as possible. Ensure your subscription link is positioned in a conspicuous location on every blog page. The top of the page is an excellent place for your subscription icon. You may also want to put a subscription link between your blog posts.

3. Ask Readers to Subscribe

It’s not too aggressive to ask readers to subscribe. Sometimes, a gentle reminder is all it takes to encourage someone to subscribe to your blog. Consider including a request at the end of your best blog posts saying, “If you enjoyed this post, why not subscribe to my feed?” Of course, include a link to your feed subscription page to make it easy for your readers to act on your reminder.

4. Offer a Freebie to Subscribers

A great way to increase the number of subscribers to your blog is to offer subscribers something extra, such as a gift or additional information that could be helpful to them. For example, you may want to send subscribers a free ebook that provides additional information about your blog’s topic or a free newsletter. You could also send a gift tied to your blog’s topic. The key is to offer your readers a meaningful and useful freebie and add value to their experiences on your blog.

5. Promote Your Blog’s Popularity by Showing the Number of Subscribers

Once your blog generates decent traffic and subscribers, you should promote that success to your readers. For example, if your blog has over 100 subscribers, show that figure on your blog (Feedburner provides code to do this automatically). Once you reach that number of subscribers, whatever number seems significant to you, advertise your popularity by displaying it on your blog. Casual visitors will likely see that number and say, “If 500 other people think this blog is good enough to subscribe to, then it must be good. I better subscribe, too.”