10 Tips to Improve Your Personal Productivity


Many folks recognize the answer to the question, “How do you devour an elephant?” The answer, “One bite at a time”! Sadly, for lots of us, our To Do Lists can outweigh an elephant and but we without a doubt tackle our To Do Lists like we might devour an elephant – with the aid of checking off one object after any other. Unfortunately in some unspecified time in the future, we get too full to complete ingesting the elephant so we surrender and the equal is authentic for our To Do Lists. They just preserve constructing and the task of really completing all the items on our To Do List will become overwhelming.

Personal Productivity Tip 1: Set goals. Don’t simply live to tell the tale your day; thrive with the aid of taking steps every day that flow you in the direction of your dreams. Too often we get so stuck up in the manner of being busy that we fail to plan our lives. We grow to be reacting to the incoming requests that present themselves every day inside the shape of emails, telephone calls, mail, interruptions, etc. And let them guide us via our days and for this reason, our lives.

Personal Productivity Tip 2: Plan Ahead. Spend 10 to 15 mins each night time looking over your To Do listing, appointments, and initiatives and prioritize and schedule the maximum important items for action day after today. Take this one step further by using surely assigning the final touch of those precedence objects as an appointment in your calendar. This is an appointment you ought to maintain with yourself. Make positive you factor in some downtime and procrastination time (you recognize you do it). It is important to make your agenda realistic and plausible. It is likewise vital to have time to recharge your batteries in order to operate at your top-quality productivity. Actually, timetable your sleep time for your calendar. Don’t expect you can work an 80 hour week without burning yourself out.

Personal Productivity Tip three: Make time for what matters most. Make certain that the responsibilities you assign yourself are in alignment together with your desires. If no longer, re-examine their significance and the priority you supply them.

Personal Productivity Tip 4: Determine if you are dwelling to work or running to live. If you work 60 plus hours per week and hate it but do it simply to have the huge house, big car, and so forth. However are too wiped out and confused out to revel in it, is it sincerely well worth it? Try dwelling on less, now not simply much less stuff but less strain.

Personal Productivity Tip five: Set limits. It is a properly recognize rule that things expand to fill the space and time to be had. The large your area the greater stuff you get to fill it. The extra storage you have the greater stuff you shop in all those packing containers and closet and the more time you have to paintings on a project the more time it takes to get it completed. More isn’t higher, now and again extra is simply more. Have you ever procrastinated whilst you knew you had to accomplish a specific task that day best to wait till the very last half-hour of the day to get it performed. What in case you had started the day by using the primary half-hour to attention on that challenge and then had the rest of the day to complete a few extra tasks after which due to the fact all of your paintings that you assigned for the day turned into whole you may take the rest of the day without work? Wouldn’t the praise be really worth the effort?

Personal Productivity Tip 6: Stage the night time earlier than. By prepping your briefcase, children’s backpacks, packing lunches, laying out garments and getting gasoline the night time earlier than you put the degree for a stress loose morning. And beginning the day proper can set a fantastic fashion for the entire day. A little while at night time are clean to come by but a few minutes greater in the morning can suggest the distinction between being overdue for paintings and being on time. Even a couple of minutes overdue is LATE and it does not send a good message to your co-people, boss, or maybe buddies you meet for social outings. If you locate yourself excusing it by saying “it is only some minutes”realize the one’s short while can have a massive price when you aren’t perceived as caring approximately your activity or different people’s time. The party on the alternative side may be thinking “why cannot you simply leave a couple of minutes in advance so you are not always running overdue?”

Personal Productivity Tip 7: Institute the Family 15: Learn to delegate and get all people within the home or office to pitch in and positioned matters away. Set a timer and spend 15 mins earlier than avoiding to the mattress to pick out up the whole lot from the dwelling room, dining room, kitchen counters, and many others that belong in other rooms and go back them to their proper home. Spending a few minutes each day enables to prevent fundamental piles with a view to requiring an entire Saturday to ease up.

Personal Productivity Tip eight: Limit internet and TV time. Does looking 4 hours of TV a night definitely contribute to your life? Don’t get me incorrect, TV can offer entertainment and relaxation because it doesn’t require lots of ideas but don’t let it stand in the manner of attaining your dreams. Surfing the internet or getting lost in a sea of emails can be a large time waster as nicely. If you’ve ever said “If simplest I had the time!” possibilities are you do however you want to spend it more accurately. Keep a magazine for one week and track how you spend a while. This will help you pick out a while wasters and assist you to make a conscious selection to trade these restricting conduct and instill new ones that assist you to acquire all you want in life.

Personal Productivity Tip nine: Learn to make decisions speedy. Think of piles as not on time selections. Whether it is piles of paper or piles of stuff, the pile was created through the failure to decide what to do with it and/or the failure to act on the decision. Have you ever picked up your mail and glanced via it on the manner into the residence, identifying many items as “unsolicited mail” yet delivered all of it to the already large pile in your desk or counter to cope with later. These delayed decisions and moves create more work for you later. Next time you get your mail, type it right away. Three sorts of gadgets: movement items, reference gadgets and recyclable objects (a.K.A. Trash). Immediately positioned the recycling in a recycling bin and do not allow marketers to feature duties in your already overloaded To Do list. If you weren’t actively seeking the item this is now on sale be important on whether or not you really want to make a special journey to get some thing that you may best need to locate an area to shop once you bring it domestically. Chances are you don’t really need it. Reference objects have to only be kept if you actually sense they want to consult them at over again and if so that you have to report it right away. If you will undergo the trouble of maintaining it make sure you already know where to locate it whilst you need it. The action gadgets should accept priority and processed all through your daily evening planning session. Consider growing a tickler system and adding gadgets in your calendar/planner for of completion.

Personal Productivity Tip 10: Don’t be an information junkie. More records don’t necessarily change your existence for the better. Do you ever store magazines, newsletters, etc? And but 6 months later by no means read a unmarried trouble? Yet you keep them due to the fact you have the pleasure of intentions to get to them as you sense that there might be a few inspirational story or tidbit of information which you simply do not want to overlook out on. Do you read guidelines on topics you are inquisitive about improving your life simplest to fail to take action on the advice given? Let the old magazines and journals pass and start clean.

Only through motion will we trade our lives. If you want to revel in Personal Productivity begin with the aid of changing some of your limiting conduct and build new ones as a way to manual you towards an extra fulfilling existence. Start small and construct on your fulfillment. Our undertaking to you, select one of the Personal Productivity Tips provided to you in this newsletter and institute it as a new dependency in your existence today!

Shawn Hansen is an exceptionally prominent enterprise productiveness and performance specialist and is regularly quoted on TV, radio and in print. Hansen is a consultant, author, and speaker based in Raleigh, NC. Organized For Productivity changed into based on the notion that improving the personal productivity of commercial enterprise owners, executives and excessive performers can directly correspond to improved efficiency, productivity, and profitability for the organizations they own and work for and at the identical time improve the lives of the individuals.